Majorie Taylor Green (MJT) and her Lover Accused of Bestiality

Washington, DC (AP). In an article published in  the Journal of Animal Ethics (JAE), MJT and her veterinarian lover have been accused of being “bestophiles.” Reminiscent of the “compromat” speculation surrounding Donald Trump’s toady like support and bromance with Vladimir Putin, similar allegations are now being directed at MTG regarding her moronic support for the war criminal and his craven actions in the Ukraine. Specifically, over the past several weeks MJT has been called out for espousing Kremlin talking points and taking a number of actions supportive of Z and his lackeys. For example, 

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Well it seems that the tables have been turned on Georgia’s fearless Representative now that her smear tactics about Hunter Biden being blackmailed are coming around to haunt her. There are some who would argue her attacks on Biden are nothing more than a projection of a guilty conscience. In fact, the overwhelming conclusion is that MTG has become seriously compromised because of her extra-marital relationship with bestial veterinarian Ivaughn A. Donkee. JAE author Minceno Words reveals that for several months MTG and her lover have been engaged in ménages a tois with animals boarded at the vet’s clinic in Perversion, PA. Their bestial appetites have been primarily focused on but not solely confined to burros and German Shepherd’s. The JAE journalist also said that his disaffected KGB source told him there areaudio and video tapes as well as still photographs in Putin’s possession which he has been threatening the Representative with. It will be interesting to see, now that the story has broken, whether MTG will continue to be an ardent supporter of Z’s words and actions. Meanwhile a class action suit by canine and equine owners who have boarded animals at MDonkee’s practice, has been filed in Harrisburg Superior Court against both perverts.

Author: Lew Tuck

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