Trump Proves That He Wore a Facemask on the Honeywell Factory Visit

Phoenix, AZ (AP) President Donald Trump when asked at a recent press encounter why he didn’t where a face mask on his recent tour of the Honeywell mask factory, emphatically affirmed that,  “…I did wear a mask and maybe you just didn’t see it!” When pressed further that his mask wearing was not evident in the television coverage of the visit he angrily responded that, “…look  I was wearing a mask and if you weren’t attentive enough to notice that is not my problem, it yours!” Questions directed to Honeywell employees who responded in anonymity (for fear of retaliation) indicated that no one ever saw Trump in a mask during the course of his visit. When asked to comment if the President was confusing a face “mask” with protective eyewear,  White House spokesperson Kayleigh MagaNinny indignantly responded, “…absolutely not, the President is well aware of the role and value of eye protection as well as that of face masks. You should  know that he was actually a championship racquetball player! So, to debunk this fake news story that he was not wearing a mask in Arizona we have released the following photograph that was shot by a selected member of the press corps in the Honeywell parking lot. So let’s put an end to this nonsensical discussion!”

Author: Lew Tuck

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