Ebook News: New Compilations, PLUS Expanding into Amazon!

Ebook News: New Compilations, PLUS Expanding into Amazon!

Currently, there are two volumes of my satire compilation series Wallace Runnymede Satire Catastrophes. This series is currently being serialized on one of my websites: Satire Catastrophes. Save the link!

The two volumes in question are:

#1 I Shouldn’t Do God

#2 Football Frikkups

Within the next week, I am also releasing:

#3 I Still Shouldn’t Do God

#4 Differently Humored

#1 & #3 are satire on religious themes, a rather under-appreciated area of satire (if you catch my drift!)

#2 is fairly self-explanatory: football, soccer, pawtaytooooo, pawtaddo.

#4 is disability-themed humor, as ‘we’ (!) proceed through Autism Month.

I expect people familiar with my writing will be able to guess immediately that the sneering allusion to the PC jargon ‘differently abled’ is deliberate. As I have a dog to run in how this topic is discussed, I expect anyone with a shred of dignity and character will be able to indulge my vicious mockery of such condescending bien-pensant Doublespeak!

I cannot give an exact date for the releases, because when I release free ebooks on Draft2Digital, I have to run them through for that day (no later), but they might not be fully processed on that day.

As well as adding #3 & #4 to the existing range, I have also made further edits to #1 & #2. So everything should be in good nick now!

These 101% free ebooks on Draft2Digital (c’mon, I’m trying!) appear on:




24 Symbols



Page Foundry.

At some point in the future, the anticipated 5th and 6th volumes are The Celtic Buffoon (politics in Ireland and some other far from inconsequential places) & The Wallace Runnymede Plastic Jackboot Festival (the reactionary right, particularly in the UK).

But what if you don’t have access to any of these outlets?

First of all, you can consider registering an account with one of the outlets in question. This doesn’t have to be for the sake of my books alone; there may be other ones that aren’t available on your usual outlet(s).

If you aren’t sure whether you will even enjoy the ebooks, then you can always try visiting the serials on the Satire Catastrophes site. If you would like a more detailed overview of my satire, you could also look at my account on Glossy News. However, the range of content you can find via the latter link obviously doesn’t correspond as closely with the ebook content as the actual serials on the Satire Catastrophes site do.

The second option for people who don’t have access to the outlets associated with Draft2Digital (not remotely mutually exclusive from the first option!) is to consider my books on Amazon.

Yes, I am now branching out into the latter planet-sized market!

However, I am being strategic about it. The Wallace Runnymede Satire Catastrophes series will not appear on Amazon. However, some very exciting new projects will.

Find out what’s going on in the follow-up post, an hour from now…



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