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DiCaprio’s Censored UN Thinky-Speech

[Full 8-minute Transcript, 29 February 2016] The X-Factor of Empire As the world knows, I spoke about the drowning-out of the planet’s many voices by the politics of greed, including the suppressed indigenous peoples’, in my Oscar acceptance speech for…

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A Serial Ponytail Yanker’s Lasso of Truth Interview [Full Censored Transcript, 13 April 2015]

Caption Text Goes Here: Honest John: Under the influence of the Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. This shocking suppressed interview with the prime minister of the New Zealand realm, John Phillip Key (AKA ‘the Smiling Assassin’), delves deeper into the…

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Harry Potter Breaks Hollywood Gag-clause, Stuns World Leaders into Unscheduled Epic Three Minutes of Silence

Harry Potter breaks Warner Brothers contractual gag-clauses. The wizard reveals What Must Not Be Spoken in the News Media Anywhere in the Muggle World. Here, for the first time, the shocking truth behind why one of the world’s most famous…

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“Bibi, stop bombing or we’ll cut your bullets,” Obama Tells Netanyahu

Gaza, an open-air prison? Israel’s $3 billion-a-year welfare check threatened? America scolds Israel? STOP THE PRESS!!! A leaked White House transcript of a heated phone-call earlier today reveals that US President Barack Obama told Israel’s Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu…

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