DiCaprio’s Censored UN Thinky-Speech

[Full 8-minute Transcript, 29 February 2016]

The X-Factor of Empire

As the world knows, I spoke about the drowning-out of the planet’s many voices by the politics of greed, including the suppressed indigenous peoples’, in my Oscar acceptance speech for Best Male Acting Powers.

The compressed time meant I wasn’t able to chew four billion ears off about the super-rich that are pushing the planet’s ecology into an uncharted waste-heap that I call Mount Slushmore. [Laughter]

In the making of the film The Revenant, we were confronted with the rawness of serially abused nature. I was so deeply moved by the experience that I resolved to snoop into why the planet is so screwy once we had the film in ‘the can’. What I discovered rocked me to the core. My dear friend Kate Winslet led me out of a despair so harrowing that I would not wish it on anybody – except the narcissistic psychopaths I will speak of.

I had a realization that super-rich people are using their enormous wealth to steer the planet on a trajectory to create a Universal Empire. All empires share an X-factor, or special talent, in that they find new ways to pillage. As pillaging enterprises, empires are designed to control societies through their domination of resources, systems and ideas. Each succeeding empire needs to rework and innovate when the Human Cattle lose their productive enthusiasm. To this end, I realized that the purpose of America’s big six market-dominating media transnational cartels is to brainwash the planet. These six American-based media cartels – Time Warner, Disney, NewsCorp, NBC Universal, CBS and Viacom – filter ‘the news’, produce sanitized movies and broadcast mind-numbing tele. This propaganda system exists so that we will believe the illusion that we are free, and thereby be tricked into being more productive, submissive and oblivious Tax Cattle.

This propagandist media system hides the dark record of what has been identified as the Deep State. Imagine Uncle Sam’s pointing hand is the public state or the visible government that taxes ordinary Tax Cattle into poverty. The visible government’s tax-take and ‘borrowings’ provide ever-diminishing services, ever-growing compliance codes and exponentially climbing interest payments to unnamed government bond-holders. But Uncle Sam’s other hand, the unseen one, is held in a firm mafia-grip behind his back by the ‘Deep State’. The Deep State is an international elite criminal network that has fused itself with the transnational cartels and the state apparatus, as Professor Peter Dale Scott shows in his thinky-book, The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil and the Attack on U.S. Democracy. [Audible seat-ruffling and murmurs] Welcome to the Red Pill Pharmacy, the Deep State Rabbit Hole is this way.

This international Deep State criminal network periodically orchestrates events that reset the trajectory of the great powers, including terrorism and coups, covers-up previous conspiracies and assassinates ‘pesky’ people who pose an immediate threat to their criminal power. Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki found U.S. state-sponsored terrorism when making his thinky-film, Why We Fight, which is about why America blows countries up. This military violence, fused with economic warfare, has been a staple of state-craft for an Anglo-American oligarchy over the last century, as thinky-books such as, A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order; Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich; and The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism make so super-duper clear. Once you snoop into this Wonderland Deep State Rabbit Hole, you have to conclude that America’s super-heroes are not confronting the real evil-doing villains because they have been contractually captured by the Hollywood cartels to serve Gotham’s banksters, their badass buddies in Metropolis and their royal, Masonic and secret bond-holder agent accomplices everywhere. [Awkward laughter]

A Rebuild of the Cage

Every empire needs at least one instrument of expansion, as historian Carroll Quigley so astutely put it in his thinky-book, The Evolution of Civilizations. In the sissy costumed, dusty Classical Empires of Egypt, Greece, Persia and Rome the instrument of expansion was sweaty slave labor. For the last thirteen-hundred years, credit has grown as an instrument of expansion to such an extent it has overtaken the other visible forms of bonded slavery, so that debt-slavery is now the most widespread form of bondage.

Global Capitalism’s innovation is that it achieves imperial objectives by limiting as many people as possible from having access to land and other resources, primarily through a deliberate scarcity of cash and an abundance of manufactured credity-debt. It turns out that global banking cartels whisk credit out of our aerosol-sprayed air through the possession of a metaphorical magical wand. Bankers actually sucker-lucker Tax Cattle to borrow credit funds into existence, as investor Mike Maloney shows in his thinky-film series, The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind.

It gets worser.

Many central banks, such as the U.S. Federal Reserve, are privately owned cartels, or controlled by an unseen oligarchy of dynastic banking families. Bond-holding bankster cartels are the new plantation slave-holders whose ‘lending-borrowing chains’ have replaced the visible iron shackles and chain links. So, it’s the dynastic banking families that are the world’s top sissy psychopaths, and who need a propagandist media system to condition each generation to not turn into Scooby-Doo-inspired meddling kids.

Indeed, when you realize that armies of professionals have constructed a World Tax Haven Complex for the super-rich and their transnational corporations to safely evade taxes, it becomes clearer that ‘countries’ are really Human Farms, ‘ordinary people’ have been cast as Tax Cattle, and democracy is the Farm Management System. Thus, you are bonded to a debt enslavement system, unless you have the pay scale and connections of a dynastic oligarch to outgun the IRS with a Licorice All-Sorts bag of professional fixers.

And the trajectory this planet of Human Farms is on?

New enclosures are under construction. Corporate totalitarian super-states are being built that are intended to thrive inside fictitious democratic shells. Technocracies are totalitarian systems of government that appear to be controlled by technocrats, engineers and scientists, but they are merely the administrators of the technological apparatus for the unseen oligarchies (or super-rich tax-averse snobs). It’s like a fusion of Make-Believe stories such as Bladerunner, Brave New World, Brazil, Gattaca, Minority Report, The Matrix, Metropolis, Nineteen Eighty-four, Neuromancer, Star Wars, THX-1138, Jennifer Government and The Thunderbirds – with the Make-Real World.

To be super-clear, the super-rich won’t foot the bill to ‘fix’ the planet. By their very design, ‘Smart Green Economies’ would ensure that the Tax Cattle are to be charged for the uniquely numbered micro-chipped products, services and resources they consume and dispose of, as the thinky-book Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Purchase and Watch Your Every Move makes crystal-ball clear. This covert agenda is also made plain in the thinky-film Take Back Your Power, which shows that through smart meters, greedy beady-eyed power companies and their psychopathic partners in crime will gain the power to snoop into peoples’ lives with the next generation of chipped-appliances hooked up to the super-pervy ‘Internet of Things’. The chip is a new instrument of expansion. So if you don’t want your fridge to tell on you, your washing machine to refuse to clean your clothes because an algorithm says your power use is more than your neighbourhood’s average, or you don’t like your power company recasting itself as a spy agent for the NSA, watch Take Back Your Power.

The prime menace the world faces is, therefore, the world domination cult of Oligarchism. So it is essential that oligarchs everywhere be tried for conspiring against ‘We, the Tax Cattle’. Instead of locking the oligarchs up in prisons, it would be DoublePlusWise to exhibit them in the world’s zoos so that Homo Taxicus goes through an epochal consciousness shift by learning about the psychopathic behaviors of Homo Oligarchicus.

The references that accompany my thinky-speech will assist the United Nations in the urgent task to do its snoop-detective homework. This means separating out the Make-Believe from the Make-Real World and reporting-back to the planet within a year – loud, clear and with the conviction of Lisa Simpson.

[Pin-drop silence].

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Author: Snoopman

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