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Sharpen Your Pens! Glossy News Wants Your Poems… & Here are a Few Examples to Whet your Appetites!

Glossy News has plenty of room for poetry: serious poetry, yes, but especially satire! Or sometimes even serious (i.e. sober satire). Email the managing editor on if you want to contribute. Here are a few ideas to set you…

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Random Thoughts (XV): Scabshamers, Silicon Valley & Silly Brussels Bureaucrats!

Silicon Masks, Black Souls At times of peace, Silicon Valley platforms look, at least partly, like open forums. But don’t look at them during times of normality. Look at them at times of exception. Then the mask slips completely! When…

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Team-Building Activities for the Upcoming Corporate Party

It’s the end of the year 2018, and we are all happy to be hosting and attending Christmas parties. Being an attendee is easy, you only have to show up, have some fun and leave the place. Ask the party…

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