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Fake News or Funny News? You Decide! Tabloid Nonsense Round-Up

Millions of ISIS Teenagers Wiped Out After Online ‘Rat Poison Challenge’

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Computer Program Translates Ordinary English into Shakespearean Verse

Dateline: CAMBRIDGE, MA—A team of computer programmers at MIT, led by Wallace Thickglasses, has completed its Shakespearean Translator, which converts plain English into Shakespearean verse. The translator has received rave reviews from Shakespeare scholars.

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Jesus Condemns Republicans For Not Messing the World up Enough (YET!), Swears off on ‘Third Coming.’

Jesus always said he was coming back one day. And he promised that this time around, there would be no more Mr Nice Guy! Hence Apocalypse, or Apocalypse of St John, or Revelation, or Book of Revelation, or even the…

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