Fake News or Funny News? You Decide! Tabloid Nonsense Round-Up

Millions of ISIS Teenagers Wiped Out After Online ‘Rat Poison Challenge’

Hillary Clinton Denounces ‘Cynical, Juvenile, Emotionally Unstable Donald Trump’

Donald Trump Denounces ‘Cynical, Juvenile, Emotionally Unstable Donald Trump’

Moderate Saudi Clerics Promise to Make Alcohol Safe, Legal & Rare!

Despairing Republicans Commit Mass Suicide: Find Out They Could Have Raked in Millions from Marijuana Lobbyists!

Republicans Flip-Flop on Net Neutrality: Porn Traffic Falls to an All-Time Low

May & Farage Order Candlelit A La Carte Dog’s Breakfast in Plush Brussels High Class Restaurant: Jean-Claude Juncker Unimpressed

Nancy Pelosi: “Catholics Who Don’t Vote for Me & Planned Parenthood are Obviously Fake Christians”

North Korea Now Officially More ‘Strong and Stable’ than Theresa May




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