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Large Hadron Collider ‘Not Taken Over By Sinister Villain Who Plans To Take Over The World’

Breaking News from Switzerland today, the Swiss Government are under scrutiny after an inside source leaked that Large Hadron Collider nicknamed ‘The Black Hole Generator’ by cyber geeks with no life, may have been ‘acquired’ by the power hungry megalomaniac…

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Detroit Reportedly Selling VCR

DETROIT—Sources reported sighting an ad listing a VCR for sale by the citizens of Detroit on Wednesday. Due to financial struggles, it appears the 698,012 residents of Detroit have been driven to taking various measures for some extra cash. The…

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Men Admit the Number One Thing They Love in Women (comic)

We’ve all been there, maybe not quite this explicitly, but the sentiments still remain. The vast majority of men love women, all women, in ways they can’t describe… at least, not out loud. Guys, we can pretend to be gentlemen…

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