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Breakfast Burrito Connoisseur Frankly Thinks Hardee’s Can Do Better

KANSAS CITY, MO—After eating breakfast at a local Hardee’s Friday morning, resident and self-described “breakfast burrito aficionado” Lloyd Schoepp was “honestly let down” by his burrito eating experience. The tortilla-wrapped breakfast concoction that Hardee’s offers consists of “eggs, pieces of…

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Every Breaking World Event To Be Sponsored By Pizza Hut

As part of a new global marketing deal, Pizza Hut will sponsor every major event that happens in next 25 years, including: the Tuscani Creamy Chicken Alfredo Arab Spring, the Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Large Hadron Collider and the Buffalo Burnin’…

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Dog Escapes Yard, Discovers Nothing (comic)

Dogs seem so happy in the yard. All those chew toys and balls to play with, but it doesn’t stop them from burrowing under fences in search of greener, or in this case, identical pastures. I’m not saying dogs are…

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