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To Avoid Political Scandal, Devoted Wife Teresa Heinz Kerry Becomes Ill

Just as the media started to descend on Secretary of State John Kerry for vacationing aboard his yacht while Egypt crumbled, his wife had some sort of mysterious seizure taking the spotlight off him. “My wife is so wonderful she…

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Interstate Crash Kills 4 People’s Hopes of Getting to Work on Time

FISHERS – A crash on I-69 this morning is believed to have killed as many as four people’s chances of getting to work before their scheduled start time. A 26-year-old woman’s hopes of remaining punctual were killed instantly when her…

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Study: Men Will Say Anything for Sex Opportunity (comic)

If you’ve ever tasted alcohol, you know what it’s like to crave a sub-desirable person of the opposite sex, and if you’ve ever gotten to know them well enough, you know what it is to lie about who you are,…

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