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White House Administration consults with Department of UAV secretary Ryan YQM-98A R-Tern

Following a previous filibuster of John Brennan’s nomination to be CIA director, the Obama White House is said to be having closed door meetings with Department of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles secretary and well known developmental reconnaissance drone Ryan YQM-98A R-Tern…

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Coscto Auto-Parts Offers Big Discounts, Bigger Quantities

This week Costco, a warehouse consumer outlet known for low prices on large quantity items, opened it’s first auto parts outlet in Kirkland, Washington. “People want low prices, and we deliver that with volume,” said division manager Marckus Baech. One…

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Dumb-talking Girl Deemed Sufficiently Cute (comic)

We’ve all been to that party. There’s a girl there, maybe she’s drunk or just otherwise an idiot, and you just listen and listen as she prattles on about who-cares-what, because there’s that outside chance you can plant a kiss…

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