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US suicide rate jumps; unemployment rate falls

The suicide rate among middle-aged Americans was much higher in the previous two months than the government first estimated. The suicides reduced the unemployment rate from 7.6 percent to a four-year low of 7.5 percent. The report from the United…

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Kim Jong Un Steps Out Swinging As New Spokesman For NRA

In need of a new spokesman so fiery he can burn people with his tongue alone and can intimidate a whole nation, the NRA has chosen North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to replace the nerdy Wayne LaPierre as their…

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Hipsters’ New Fad: Ducks (comic)

Presented in the proper light, anything can be deemed to be cool, hip and worthy. Hell, just slap a fedora on a crap-burger, and hipsters will embrace it wholly. CLICK THE IMAGE to see it full-sized. To see all of…

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