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Obama releases children’s book as ‘full legal basis’ for drone strikes

In response to House Democrats demanding that President Barack Obama release information on the White House Administration’s use of drone strikes, congress was sent a copy of “Our Friend Danny Drone,” a children’s book written by Obama. Inside sources have…

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The Dastardly Duty Of Dealing With Demented Dummies Sharing Dormitory/Domicile

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we must deal with that horrible reality of urban survival- having a roommate. Whether it be for economic, sexual, companionship or practical reasons, one often finds oneself having to share that space…

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I’m Not Racist or Anything, BUT (comic)

We’ve all heard that phrase a good few dozen times. Some of us have even said it a time or two. But what does it mean? How do those potentially demeaned in our subsequent statements feel? America is far from…

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