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Letter to the editor: CBS, NBC, ABC & CNN are Democrat Networks

The following letter is in response to a story dated October, 21st of last year entitled Shepard Smith to Leave FOX News Over Harassment?. This mad gem comes to us from “Tim Pitchfork” from blah blah whatever. Tim Pitchford (Carmel,…

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Keeping undesirable Jews out of Israel

Israel denying entry to a Jew? Is that possible? Are we talking about the Jewish state? The global haven for Jews? The one with the open doors and outstretched arms to Jews and only Jews? The news report said that…

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National Rat Association Wants to Disassociate Itself From NRA

The National Rat Association, an organization created and run by the rat population of the United States of America, is doing a big publicity campaign to disassociate itself from the notorious National Rifle Association who share the same abbreviated initials…

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