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Red Bull Skydiving Stunt Ends In Tragedy

Today over the desert of New Mexico, a stunt sponsored by the Red Bull energy drink company ended in tragedy. The attempt to set the highest skydive by a human went terribly wrong when skydiver Felix Baumgartner mistakenly launched his…

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The ‘World’s Most Interesting Man’ Tells Why He Won’t Debate

Coast of Paraguay – ( Fernando Monte Verde retired a number of years ago from a successful business career and at that time would have never believed he would one day be the envy of every male on the planet!…

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Romney Admits He “Doesn’t Actually Know” What an Apology Is

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was stopped dead in his tracks on the campaign trail by a freelance writer from Teen Times who asked, “Governor Romney, do you actually know what an apology is?” The former governor looked stunned and stammered…

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Leftist Conspiracy of Violence, Gangs, Drugs, and Poverty in the African American Communities?

The key point of this research is that, despite of Hollywood Hypes such as “Scar Face”, 99.9% of people in a gang will have a salary of $3.30/hour, will have to live with their mothers, and have a 1-in-4 chance of being killed. If you can get this one point across to the young minds of the at-risk population, they might as well as pursue a career at a fast food restaurant and be happier, safer, and richer.

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