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U.S. Raises Gaffe Threat Level to Orange, As Romney Returns From Abroad

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Federal Election Commission today warned Americans of what it termed “an increased possibility of a major verbal gaffe taking place on U.S. soil within the coming days.” The F.E.C. issued its warning after its analysts detected…

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Report: Team USA Outsourcing 30% of Its Medals to China

LONDON – Reaching a mutual agreement with overseas executives Tuesday, The United States Olympic Committee has thrashed out a deal that will see 30% of Team USA’s Olympic medals outsourced to China. The deal was first brought into the public…

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U.S. Denied Nuke Permit, Goes Ballistic

In the eight weeks since the legalization of Nuclear Weapons, a dozen nations or so have applied for permits. The deadline for initial approval or rejection of Nuke permits is officially here, and the international community opened their letters this…

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Black Fists of Power Magazine Scores Attorney General Eric Holder Interview

Chicago (AP) – In an exclusive interview with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Black Fists of Power Magazine Managing Editor, America’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer continued to dodge responsibility for malfeasance at the Department of Justice that even the Associated Press and…

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