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Elton John Calls Jesus Gay, Muslims Enraged

LONDON, U.K. (GlossyNews) — Elton John, no stranger to controversy, made news again this week when he called Jesus of Nazareth gay in an interview with Parade Magazine. The statement angered many practicing Christians around the world. Catholic League President…

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Yuppie Sprawl Threatens Prisitine American Communities

CHARLOTTE, NC (GlossyNews) — Sociologists have discovered a slow infestation that they believe is eating away at the American heartlands. “Yuppie Sprawl,” as it has been termed, is a corrosive and invasive social blight that now threatens the infrastructure of…

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Sarah Palin and Entourage Spotted Stocking Up at the Oscars

Hollywoodland Early reports out of Los Angeles have Sarah Palin mit entourage stocking up on luxury items at the pre-Oscars Gifting Suite hosted by Silver Spoon; however a Silver Spoon spokesperson says she was gracious and kind while she was…

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