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The Smiths Reunite After 23 Years for New Album

LONDON, UK (GlossyNews) — Alternative music pioneers Morrissey and Johnny Marr, co-founders of The Smiths, have announced the long-awaited reunion of the band. The Smiths were an English rock group formed in Manchester in 1982, driven by the songwriting partnership…

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California Professors Compare 4% Pay Cut to Holocaust

Berkley, CA (BNSE) — California college professors and students took to the streets again today to protest Governor Schwarzenegger’s stark austerity plans to bring the deficit burdened California state budget back in line. Chief among their complaints are designated cut…

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Child Labor Ring Uncovered at JFK Airport

Queens, NY (GlossyNews) — One of the nation’s largest airports, JKF International, is being shut down temporarily while the FAA investigates allegations of an underground child labor ring being run through the New York location. This comes less than a…

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