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How to Impress Your Boss with a Laminating Machine

Of all the things on your forever growing “to do list” today, the last thing you want to do is add yet another, but consider, even if just for a minute, that next one might make you successful. No wait,…

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Maccessories Introduces the iPenis

Apple/Macintosh, long the personal computer choice of lesbians, has unveiled their long-anticipated iPenis, the USB dildo built for interactive dyke e-erotica games and programs that can only run on the power of a Mac.

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10 Ways to Be the Coolest with Duct Tape

Whether you work in an office, metal shop or aboard an oil drilling rig, there are certain tools of your trade you can’t do without. Maybe it’s a stapler, box of binder clips or full set of metric ratchet tools….

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