Most Infuriating Headlines of January 2018 Comin’ Atcha!

If you’re tired of fake news and fake real news as well, get a load of this stuff!

Jeremy Corbyn: “Unregulated Corporations More Dangerous than ISIS”

Zac Goldsmith: “Jeremy Corbyn More Dangerous than ISIS!”

Republicans Flip-Flop on Net Neutrality: Porn Traffic Falls to an All-Time Low

Jordan Peterson Denounced for Dangerous Driving in Trainwreck Interview. Irate Pedestrian Demands Compensation!

North Korea Introduce ‘Diversity Visa’ for Neocon and Humanitarian Interventionist Violent Extremists.

OK! And heeeeere comes the linky stuff! So exciting, y’all can’t help but share…

Returning ISIS Fighters Love Death More than they Love Life… But They Love Free Stuff More!

Decision to Execute German ISIS Bride Most Traumatising Celebrity Death Since David Bowie

Gordon Brown Sells World’s Tiniest Violin to Jeremy Corbyn: “Every ISIS Death is a Tragedy”

ACTUAL Tragic Victims of ISIS Seem to Think Their Deaths Were Sadder than Terrorist Deaths

Actual ISIS Victims Immediately Denounced by National Union of Students as ‘Islamophobes’

Of Course, Donald Trump Blames Both Sides…

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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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