Important Message from the Jihadist-Humanitarian Industrial Complex

Greetings, slaves and serfs of the Neverending and Victorious Project of Our Common Humanity!

There is much divisive talk playing off ‘the Party of Humanity’ and ‘the party of the Caliphate.’

I now wish to explain to you your error, and educate you out of your current ignorance.

Loyalty to Humanity and to One True Global Village is indeed a non-negotiable moral absolute.

But do not, in the process of bending the knee to we, your loyal masters, forget to pay your dues to the Islamists, who are currently putting the Jolly Jihadist into JHIC!

Here is our consensus statement.

We trust you will vote wisely.

Otherwise, there shall be consequences…

Point of Consensus 1: More Humanitarian Bombs

More wars, more turmoil, more credit to Humanity and to the Caliphate alike! How much simpler can we put it.

Point of Consensus 2: One-Sided Views on National Borders

National boundaries are arbitrary social constructs.

Or, national boundaries are the creation of man, and not of Allah.

Either way, there is no point giving the slightest degree of support to the decadent Westphalian and Western consensus of national boundaries, no matter how critically, cautiously or skeptically.

Point of Consensus 3: Collectivism, Not Individualism

Crimes against the individual mean very little.

But crimes against the national interest, the good of humanity, or the Caliphate, are depraved beyond measure!

Let’s all keep our focus on the big picture.

Point of Consensus 4: Unity is Perfection

No more divisive behavior.

No more countries, or continents, or civilization, or religions, or religious communities. Why can’t we all just ‘live as one,’ as John Lennon said?


Well, that’s all pretty ‘compelling,’ if you want to put it that way.

Will you too take the courage to obey the will of Humanity, and to advance his eternal throne and sovereignty and dominion?

Do not resist his call.

Or you will have sufficient cause to regret it!

Image attribution:

Victor falk at English Wikipedia [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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