Random Thoughts (IX): Hitler, Harvey, Hamas

Figuratively Hitler?

Good reductio ab absurdum from the Mideast Beast.

Just because the Charlotteville Nazis hate Antifa, Black Bloc, Commies, jihadists and SJWs, it doesn’t make them good people.

Any 5 year old ought to know this; seems the odd adult or two doesn’t…

Latest Observer State?

Harvey Weinstein to represent Hollywood at the UN?

Many a truer word was spoken in jest.

Once you start giving hypothetical or fictive countries special statuses, the sky’s the limit!

Where does it end?

Still, I guess he’ll enjoy ‘observing’ a bit while he’s there…


UNESCO Crybullies

Is this actually satire?

It’s funny how ‘cultural genocide’ is something only ‘bad countries’ do.

Not good countries.

Or indeed, unaccountable global institutions…

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Random Thoughts (IX): Hitler, Harvey, Hamas

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