Poem II: Up Through the Down Shelf

One day I will be gone.

But my words

And the sentiments they provoke

Will remain


I shall perdure.


Do not doubt

That there is some little corner

Of that World-Soul

That is forever Wallace…


I thought talking about the alcohol shelf

Would be part of a general move upwards.

But I only felt afraid.

Why is this?

This should be a happy time.

This should be my redemption

From sobriety.


Perhaps it was the chill air.


I have closed my windows.

No more swirling gusts of winter.

I am resolved…

Or in due course, I shall, no doubt,

Be thus.


This poem is part of a triptych (i.e. a set of three poems), called ‘Charis and Potestas.’ It will appear as a supplement to an existing ebook of mine: Foaming the Optics. 

Feel free to catch the book in the meantime; the updated version, complete with Charis and Potestas, will be available for download by 1 December.

The ebook of Foaming the Optics is free from 23-26 October 2017, on Amazon.

Catch the final Charis and Potesta poem tomorrow, Wednesday 25 October!

Image attribution:

By ESA/Hubble, CC BY 4.0, Link


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