Kim Jong Un Endorses NRA & Their New Pro-Nuke Populist Platform

As mentioned recently on Glossy News, the NRA just gave a 100% approval rating to ISIS.

But this time around, some violent extremists have decided to return the favor. The NRA’s recent oppositional stance towards the nuclear disarmament of US citizens has gifted them a clear endorsement from pro-weapon, civil-liberties-conscious dictators across the globe.

Edgy populist leader Kim Jong Un has spoken favorably of the NRA’s ‘tremendous’ pro-nuke platform.

The decadent bourgeois Washington regime and its imperialist running dogs have not managed to quench the patriotic spirit of John Galt and other radical proletarian heroes.

Imagine the wisdom of these people!

“The printing press at the time of the founders of America was nothing like the printing press of today.

“So also are the weapons of today.

“Clearly, then, when the Second Amendment speaks favorably of our right to bear arms, we also must not think they were speaking only of the weapons used in their day.”

Excellent! The courageous American proletariat, vulgarly denounced and defamed by the corrupt capitalist establishment in Washington, correctly discerned the intrinsic dialectical interconnections that the greedy and decadent cadres of their nation did not.

As the leader of a friendly nation, who is always supportive of the American proletariat in their grand socialist struggle against the doomed, degenerate ruling class of petit-bourgeois capitalistic imperialism, I commend the bravery of the workers who hold aloft the banner of the Second Amendment.

I trust that the oft-demeaned and degraded American proletariat will triumph in their invincible might, against the unprincipled capitalist cronies and ne’er-do-wells who wish to rob and loot the unvanquishable reserve army of patriotic socialist heroes, who are bringing about the final destruction of the capitalist regime.

Rocket Man’s bombastic speech has drawn criticism for what some deem to be its slightly inaccurate characterisation of gun rights advocates in the USA.

Kim has responded by angrily gaslighting and denouncing his critics; in his most recent fiery rant, he blamed the ‘dishonest capitalist fake news media’ for hiding the truth from the eyes of the world.

Image attribution:
By Jeremy Greene –, Public Domain, Link


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