Two More Rocky and Spyder Scams! Follow Glossy News, & Brian’s Youtube Channel!

America’s greatest fraudsters are back!

Forget the Clinton Foundation and Trump University.

There isn’t a dishonest politico Ponzi scheme in history that can measure up to America’s answer to Del Boy and Rodders.


Ah, forget it!

If you ever visit us over here across the pond, you’ll understand.


On Thursday and Friday, we’ve got some great scammy stuff coming up.

A ‘petting zoo’ with a difference.

Or should that be:

A petting zoo ‘with a difference?’

Oh, and some pretty ‘flexible’ work with the figures, as Rocky and Spyder try some cutting-edge and innovative accounting techniques.

You may trust them with your cars. But would you trust them with your bank accounts?

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I would have embedded a link for our Facebook page, as well as Brian K. White’s Youtube channel; but I think Rocky and Spyder have already stolen it.

See if you can find it again for me! Napalm that goddamn like button!

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