ISIS Get Top 100% Approval Rating from NRA Gun Lobby

ISIS and the NRA.

One are a radical gang of gun-toting ideological extremists, the other are a corrupt alliance of dangerous idiots who owe their existence purely to the corruption, greed and stupidity of the Washington establishment.

I’ll let you guess which one is which!

Anyway, it turns out that the NRA gun lobbyists have just given an ‘100% approval rating’ to the Islamic State.

ISIS was placed very highly among states and quasi-states in the world today; ranking just short of Somalia and Kurdistan as free-market anarcho-capitalist Utopias that are very friendly for gun owners.

The NRA noted:

Citizens of the Islamic State have unqualified freedom to bear arms.

Not only is the government entirely unmotivated to steal their guns, they even supply every citizen with as much ammo as they can handle!

In addition to this, ISIS don’t even have a standing army. (Boo! Lincoln!)

ISIS citizens are able to do whatever they like with their guns, because personal responsibility is a key virtue over there. They don’t need some stupid, greedy, corrupt, freedom-hating King or President to tell them what to do.

Indeed, even the dishonest fake news media have testified to the freewheeling, anarchic, unpredictable character of ISIS violence, which doesn’t seem to have any guiding hand behind it.

When asked about stolen and trafficked Yazidi brides, and gay people being thrown off roofs, the NRA spokesperson shrugged:

That’s the price you pay for freedom. Better a dangerous freedom, than an easy security!

Image attribution:

Wikimedia Commons.



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