Pro Muslim, Critical of Islam (Like All Religions!)

So many people on either side get it wrong. They either hate Muslims, or they are uncritical of Islam. Like any religion this one is supposed to be equally respected.
The Quran is a book full of passages requiring serious re-interpretation; crude and explicit antisemitism reminiscent of Nazi Germany, ruthless hatred of gay people, rapey degradation and dehumanization of women.

If people are going to reinterpret such texts and ideas, I admire them greatly. Their courage is beyond question.

But until these interpretations are more mainstream, the Quran is much more negative force for evil than other books, such as homophobic Buddhist sutras, or Genesis and Leviticus, or that passage in the Letter to the Romans.

It is to be hoped that in time, whatever is to be considered as mainstream Islam will be truly progressive.

Until then, the explicit hatred peddled in the Quran must be condemned without qualification.

And those who target Muslims under the guise of criticizing Islam, or who just hatemonger against Muslims more generally, must also be condemned.

There are four targets here:



Specific teaching and customs of mainstream Islam, as a religion (with all due caveats for context)


All of these must be simultaneously targeted.

Leave no hiding place for anti-Muslim bigots or supporters of radical Islam.

There is simply no need to choose between the EDL and the Muslim Brotherhood; between the BNP and Hamas.

One must reject both without the slightest hesitation or qualification.


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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