‘Over 150 Survivors Were Trapped Inside The Titanic For Up To 5 Years,’ Claims Naval Expert

Woods Hole, MA – (SatireWorld.com) – After reviewing almost 5,000 digital photographs taken from inside the sunken luxury liner the Titanic, a Woods Hole scientist has concluded that there were survivors who lived inside the ship for up to five years after it slipped beneath the waves on April 14th, 1912.

Dr. Angus Perth, a naval scientist with the Woods Hole Institute, has based his findings on photographic evidence taken by Robert Ballard and on 33 subsequent trips by movie director James Cameron to the wreck which is almost two miles down in the chilly waters of the North Atlantic.

“Today’s miniature submersibles are small enough to fit into the smallest of places. Couple that with high resolution cameras and LED lights we can now go where we couldn’t go, even two miles down into the ocean.” Perth displayed compelling proof as still, high resolution photos played upon the computer screen.

PHOTO INSERT: Remotely piloted mini-submarines detected cigar butts in ashtrays and several worn copies of Victorian Age girly magazines in the sealed portions of the ship says Dr. Perth.

From deep within the bowels of the Titanic, Perth’s photos showed what appeared to be bunk beds hastily arranged along a kitchen wall. Neatly stacked plates, open cans of food, stubbed out cigars in a crystal ashtray, and several cartons of books could be seen on nearby tables. Compared to the dissaray of other portions of the ship, the food service section seems to have dodged the mayhem associated with a ship of the Titanic’s size hitting the muddy bottom at over 35 miles per hour after splitting in two on the surface.

Says Perth, “In my conclusive findings, and from photographic evidence, it appears some passengers and crew were trapped in the center of the ship inside the main kitchen.”

Ship engineering data bears truth to the sturdiness of the kitchen’s construction and all kitchen entrances were protected by water proof self-closing doors that would have closed as soon as water was detected. The Titanic was the first ship to incorporate this safety feature giving it the reputations as ‘practically un-sinkable.’

Compelling photos of hand written names on the kitchen’s port bulkhead show up to 150 souls survived the sinking and according to the crossed-out digits on the wall next to the names, represented almost 1,825 days of survival.

According to Perth’s newly published article, “They had ample oxygen due to the tremendous water pressure forcing all remaining air into the rather large space comprising the kitchen storage areas, and preparation spaces.”

Ship’s documents showed tremendous amounts of canned goods, emergency candles, and ample supplies of beer, whiskey, and bottled water on board that could’ve sustained up to 150 people for 1,825 days easily. Also, the steel wall thickness in that section of the ship was the strongest due to its center location.

Perth’s guess as to what finally happened? According to his article the starboard bulkhead seams started to give way after almost 5 years. “They slowly ran out of air,” says Perth who pointed to a section of corroded welds near the main potato peeler. “After almost 100 years the air seeped out and was replaced with sea water.”

Several other scientists have reviewed Perth’s findings and have agreed that his theory is probably correct, especially after finding the list of names and crossed-out days on the bulkhead.

So, what did the survivors do while sitting in a sunken ship almost two miles down for almost five years? According to noted human anthropologist Dr. Lars Henry, “They probably tried to keep warm, ate real well, talked quite a bit, played cards and games, and had sex with each other a lot.”

Author: Bargis Tryhol

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  1. I’d like to see all these pictures.. because i do not believe any of this. The impact itself would have killed them and probably damaged the room too. And at those pressures this room build in 1911 could have never stayed water proof, there is no way.

  2. Impossible! Pressure would have killed anyone that deep…Titanic wasn't built to be a submarine…but even if the story were true…what a ghastly way to live the last days of your life

  3. Yeah I saw it too! It was on MSNBC hosted by that Maddox woman who suggested that the Republican Taft administration should have done something to help the mostly poor immigrant survivors who were trapped, even if it meant pumping out the Atlantic Ocean in order to save those people….Something about big pumps and running large hoses along side the Panama Canal into the Pacific.

  4. I think I saw a movie about this. It was overly-dramatized, but still likely a documentary, at least by Fox News standards… so where's the investigation!

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