Local Man Finally Figures Out Where Libya Is

De Moines, IA – GlossyNews.com – Charles Pulowski was finally able to join co-workers in conversations about the political unrest in the middle east after examining a toy globe, belonging to his son, that was located in his living room earlier this week.

“I just nodded when my co-workers would talk about what had happened,” explains Pulowski, “that is, until I noticed the globe in my living room.” Pulowski continues, “I just got the globe at Pier One because it tied the room together, who would have thought it had a practical application?” According to the others who work with Pulowski in the Accounts Receivable department of a major insurance company, his input on the topic was limited.

“Its like he didn’t even know where Libya was,” explains David Greensberg, who’s cubicle is adjacent to Pulowski’s. “When we would talk about the atrocities against protesters in Libya, Chuck would just grumble or say something like ‘how about that, over there.’ It’s like he didn’t even know where we were talking about.” Pulowski explains that between the threat of the NFL lockout, College Basketball, and American Idol, there was no time to brush up on geography.

Pulowski now enjoys his ability to contribute to the political conversations around the water cooler, despite his lack of knowledge on the subject of international relations. Pulowski noted, “Hey, at least I know where they’re talking about now.”

When asked of his awareness of Tunisia, Yemen and Bahrain, Pulowski looked as if he had been slapped in the face by the ghost flipper of a Taiji dolphin, but explained that he would be happy to look up the locations of those countries, if this reporter hadn’t “just made them up to totally catch me with some gotcha journalism,” adding, “Dude, you almost had me.”

Author: Jason Velez

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