Satirists & Comedians: Ways of Boosting Your Profile & Income

How can satirists and comedians make money?

1. Patreon Pledges

Have you ever thought about starting up on Patreon?

This is a referral or affiliate link, i.e. I have the potential to benefit from anyone signing up through it. So for the sake of integrity, I’m going to provide a normal site link too, where I don’t benefit:

If you start up on Patreon you can start looking for people to give a bit of money for your comedy and satire.

Some people are already doing so, e.g.

We’ll keep you updated on any Patreon sites from our fans and supporters!

#2 Paypal for fans

Another option is a SPECIAL Paypal link, i.e. Paypal.Me, which you can put on your social media, your blog, or your articles on other sites.

#3 Youtube Channel

If you tried either of these, you might be able to boost your income.

It is hard work, though, so it might help if you had a Youtube channel or something to publicise your work.

#4 Books

Do you have any books or ebooks? If so, and if you are a current Glossy News contributor, we can help you promote it on Glossy News.

If not, it’s still something to think about; self-publishing is a good thing to try on Amazon KDP, Smashwords, Draft2Digital and elsewhere. I can offer you some advice if you want.

#5 Republishing work

If you crosspost any articles from elsewhere onto Glossy News, i.e. if you republish the same article here, then we’re fine with that; as long as you have the right permissions from the other site.

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