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Goodbye BobZaguy…

Goodbye BobZaguy…

CHICAGO, IL – EBBQ – Today GlossyNews lost one of its most faithful and cherished writers, Bob Rohden, aka BobZaguy. While I wish this were a roast instead of a eulogy, and I only knew Bobz (as I affectionately called him) through our writing experiences both on and off, I do think I can adequately sum up his life for you in order to get a better peek at who Bobz was as a human being.

First of all, I do not know how old Bobz was, nor does it matter. Bobz was timeless. He was the CEO of his own business in Chicago called LaserList of Chicago, dealing with marketing. He was also a connoisseur of fine wines and through that love of the vine, recently began another business cleverly named BYourOwnBob. Wine and writing were Bobz’ two fondest passions. The writing is what brought our paths together.

Bobz had a way of looking at politics like few others. He didn’t get angry, he got even. When he took out his pen, he went after the scoundrels and gave them a square pounding, never forgetting that humor is our best weapon. Bobz had a knack for making up new words that fit nicely into his plan to take down the GOP independently (no pun intended.) He gave us GOPTea© and Etch-a-Mitt™, adding the trademark symbols as a way of telling us all that he did pay close attention to detail, and yes, it was that important to him to get his side of the story out.

Bobz’ blog, EditorialBBQ is still up, so please, if you get a moment, take a look. You’ll appreciate him better through his writing than through my clumsy memorial.

We were Facebook friends. I could always count on Bobz to throw heaps of smart-assed comments my way, and I appreciated each and every opportunity to tell him in not-so-polite terms to shut up and go away, that he was bothering me. I don’t regret telling him that. I only wish he hadn’t listened to me.

Thank you Bobz for the laughs. You will be missed by all those whom you reached out to with your wit, your charm and your humanity. God Speed dear friend.

And check out the complete archive of Bobzaguy stories.


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7 Responses to “Goodbye BobZaguy…”

  1. liberties-taken says:

    In my sadness, striving for the highest standards of the smartass club that would elicit a chuckle from our friend Mr. Bob?

    At least he can still vote in Chicago.

    This isn’t a time for me to talk about my faith traditions regarding afterlife.

    I will only say with certainty, this world is now a bit darker for the passing of Mr. Bob.

  2. Kilroy says:

    The world of intelligent satire is certainly much smaller now.
    I’ve only known Bob a short time through his pieces here and until recently….I always thought he was a much younger “wisecracking” guy. Just goes to show, wit is timeless.

    Nice memorial PBeck.

  3. Bargis Tryhol says:

    Sorry to see a good spoofer go. Sharp wit and a sharp mind. Very nice memorial.

  4. Brian K. White says:

    I just don’t know what to say. Bobz was a helluva guy and a helluva comic to boot. My heart goes out to his friends and family. I hope they see this and know Bobz touched more lives than they may have realized.

  5. P. Beckert says:

    I did put it up on his Facebook Page. They are much appreciative to know he had such great writing friends. Well, great is a relative term, but you know. 🙂 They appreciated it.

  6. rfreed says:

    Adios Bob,
    I’m sure you’ll find humor on the other side as well.

  7. Patrick says:

    Bob will be missed. We just had a memorial service for Bob today in Chicago. Bob was my editor for many years at Red Tractor and also the main contributor. His satirical perspective was keen. Almost every time I saw him he had an story idea percolating. A loss!


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