CARCRASH TORY! Our BOMBSHELL LEAK of Amber Rudd Election Slogans!

We just found out the REAL reason for the resignation of disgraced former Tory (is there any other kind of Tory, Labour or Lib Dem politician???) Amber Rudd.

And it ain’t what the mainstream media or another legal Source is saying about this case…

Insofar as there’s a difference! 😉

But what is it?

So, it wasn’t all about the mere 1 page Brexit plan?


So, what was it???


Read on to find out! 😉Well, it just so happens Angry Amber wants to run for office herself!

And Glossy News just happen to have a confidential leak of her edgy election slogans:




Vote Amber, get another bent banana!

If yer want yer Brexit to be a dud, vote Rudd!

New Amber, New Wanker!

I ain’t no Kevin Rudd, if that’s any consolation, bud!

Yeah, that’s a picture of an ACTUAL drongo! Seem to be a lot of ’em about! 😉

This ain’t some shallow publicity stunt,

I’m one of the good guys…

Cos to NOBODY south o’ t’ M1’s surprise…

I even voted for a right Jez hunt!

The consensus, according to the ‘fake polling?’





Author: Wallace Runnymede

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