Sarah Huckabee-Sanders Unveils New “Talk To the Hand” Rapid-Response System

Trump and White House apologist Sarah Huckabee-Sanders has gone from eager apologist to wholly soulless sack of human garbage in less time than a newfound junkie has, but today she’s taken it to a new level.

“Talk to the hand!” said the internally and extrenally ugly daughter of Arkansas governor Mike (anything for approval) Huckabee.

Reporters in the White House press pool had yet to hear a statement or even ask a question, but this statement made many hands dart up around the room.

“Talk to the hand, I already said,” said the alleged cockroach in an Edgar Suit. “Just talk to the hand.”

Apparently this is part of a new rapid-response program authorized by Trump himself in which any questions asked of the White House can be answered simply with “Talk to the hand.”

Trump later denied these statements via Twitter, but White House officials, speaking on the condition of using their name (which we’ve refused to do) have insisted that this is indeed the new policy, and that we should “Talk to the hand.”

As of press deadline, the face was unable to be reached for comment.

Image attribution:

By The White House ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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