Is it Time to Stop Accusing the Alt-Right of Complicity with Identity Politics? 

Please can I just make a quick strategic point about opposing white nationalists?

It’s all fine to mock them for practicing ‘white identity politics,’ or call them ‘Right SJWs.’

However, anecdotal evidence suggests that some of them are already all too savvy on this point.

They will even admit to being identity-orientated, and be quite shameless and brazen about it.

In other words, it’s not that they think neoliberal/crony capitalist/Far Center (let’s not quibble on terms for now) IdPol is bad.

They just think the wrong identities are being asserted! That’s all.

Are these people somehow immune to some of the liberal (non-SJW) rhetoric and arguments?

There is grounds for skepticism about how far calling these people ‘Right-SJWs’ or ‘white identity politicos’ really works.

I would also add that it may well be that the problem is not good (i.e. sincere) critics of IdPol/Left-Neoliberalism vs bad (insincere, opportunistic, cynical) critics.

I think there’s room for debate how far white nationalists can reasonably be considered opponents of IdPol at all; insincerely or otherwise.

On the other hand, it is arguably still worth calling them Right-SJWs and peddlers of identity politics; insofar as while it might not have any effect on them, it might at least discourage others from getting sucked into the Alt-Right; those who are less sure of where they stand.

If any of you have any views on this one, feel free!

So, what’s the way forward here?

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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