Donald Trump will lose Bigly in November (by the numbers): Video

The fans and haters demanded it, so here’s another fact-based analysis of why Donald Trump will lose, and lose BIGLY in November. (Scroll down for comments from YouTube.)

I’m not going on feelings or impressions, but the analytics provided by the myriad pollsters, the pollster analysts, and those analyzing the meta-analysis of the pollsters.

Donald Trump COULD still win, but the odds grow longer by the day. It ain’t pretty, if you’re him.

This is my third such analysis, and since the polls still show similarly favorable numbers for Clinton, well, the metrics are looking more and more certain as the election draws nearer.

Watch it here

YouTube Comments from the first 24-hours

* Keystone79 – Saying “If the election were held today…” means jack shit when we’re still three months out. A month can be a lifetime in terms of politics. Please don’t think this is personally directed at you, I just think that’s an overused line in the media.

My response – This is true, but if not for that, there would be no point in polling or analysis. As I said in the video, either candidate could go up or down before the election. With that said, Romney was never down this far. If Clinton loses 5-points, she’ll still win. If Trump goes down 5-points, it will be a bloodbath.

* Behind the times Conservative (Democrat) – So you didn’t get the memo of literally every poll over sampling democrats as opposed to repubs??? You should mind your surroundings more, I faved this vid so I can troll you in November. lol

My response – If Donald wins, the polls will predict it before election day. Conservatives were calling the polls wrong in 2008 and 2012 as well, but they turned out to be extremely accurate. There’s no reason to believe they’ve fundamentally failed across the entire industry in the last few years.

* De Faz – watch for the trump supporters to call bias

My response – Didn’t take long at all. Record time, really. I AM biased, but that’s why I showed the numbers from every major aggregator to back up my conclusion. All of these analysts have a record of being extremely accurate despite each of them taking unique approaches to the same data.


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