America Responds To Kim Jong Un; “Thank You For Saving Us From Watching This Stupid Stoner Movie”

Americans were especially thankful to North Korea and Kim Jong Un this Holiday season for saving them from watching yet another stupid pot-head movie.

“It saved me ten bucks in ticket prices and another eight in popcorn and soda,” stated John Gawker from Greeley Colorado. “Watching movies like this is like riding a sled downhill and purposely plowing into trees! It gives you the same sort of headache.”

“Every one of these Seth Rogen – Ben Stiller – Jack Black films follows the same format- underdog stoner has a lame adventure by going slightly outside the protective American cultural box he was born into, makes a fool out of himself dealing with dangers or situations over his head, then still comes out a hero at the end and still gets to bed the beautiful girl.

Plus he gets to continue on being a drunk/pothead and not grow up for the rest of his life. Its sort of like being a Saturday Night Live alumni for life.” says movie columnist Patricia Picky.

The movie they are talking about is the North Korean farce film “The Interview” which features Seth Rogen and James Franco as two idiotic reporters who get the chance to interview Kim Jong Un and are given the assignment to kill him by the CIA. They apparently go about this in a manic, Three Stooges minus one method, making for a lot of alleged belly laughs along the way.

A creation from the depths of the mind of Seth Rogen as it works its way through the many layers of pot induced images that inhabit his psyche and then bursts out upon the script with evidence of the after birth still attached to it has all the hallmarks of so many of the stoner films out today.

Half baked ideas half realized put out on film, inside jokes intended for people in the same sort of buddy group as they are in, abundant potty humor and self-depreciation included in the story as a necessary way to bond with an equally self-depreciating, stoned out audience.

Others seem to feel the same way:

“If I wanted to be entertained I could take drugs myself and come up with better stuff.” says Hermit Cleverline of Flint Michigan. “The down side of pot is that it makes you feel like you are a real comedic genius when you are really being about as funny as a talking mime.”

“I wish I had gone to see The Imitation Game instead.” said Missy Morgengraue of someplace undetermined in Delaware. “It wouldn’t have been funny but would at least have had some substance.”

“If it weren’t for the hot oriental babe playing the North Korean military chick I would have walked out.” said some dirty old guy we talked to watching it online at McDonalds.

“American doggerel written by defecating baboons using their feces to make letters! Childish movie of character of lowest rat in ghetto! Made by foul minds that understand only selfish lusts and greeds for money and fame! Cur dogs of worst social level like untouchables in India!” states North Korean Propaganda Minister Plae Wit Dong.

Author’s note – People wonder why NK is so upset about the movie. Maybe if they hadn’t of done an extremely graphic scene of Kim Il Jong’s head exploding after getting hit by a tank missile the film wouldn’t have made such a stir. I think that would hack even the most diplomatic of world leaders off.

If someone had made a movie in which Bush Volume Two or Obama had had their heads gruesomely blown off by a tank there would have been a big outcry as well.

Stoner movies are not known for their subtly.

Author: rfreed

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  1. James and I never thought this movie would actually happen. We took a. 2 hour long shit on video and next thing you know Hollywood is advertising it

  2. You are welcome. But with a little sticky icky this movie rather funny. Try it you will see. Now die, capitalist swinehund.

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