AG Barr Tested By President on Shitter Laments- “1000 more Shits… and I’m f*cking through.”


Washington DC- Over the weekend, Attorney General William Barr vented to reporters that the President was making it “impossible to do my job,” due to Trump’s incessant Shitter habit. On Tuesday, he threatened to “possibly, maybe, potentially resign,” if the President didn’t leave justice department matters to the discretion of the AG.

Today, the AG has drawn a line in the sand, and this time he’s using Shitter to speak directly with the President.

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Modified by Ft Nagarrab.  Use it if you want.

“1000 more Shits about DOJ issues, and I’m f*cking through,” Barr Shitted out to the President late Thursday morning.

The President showed restraint immediately following the rare Shit from his AG, posting 79 additional Shit’s regarding open and active cases. He capped off his morning finger exercises with this Shit directed specifically at Barr.

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original image modified by Fort Nag "use it if you want!"

“Test me! Let’s see if you last 13 Days… Billy!”

This story is ongoing. We’ll follow up in 14 days to see if President Trump can keep up this Shitter pace, or if William Barr is still the Attorney General.

Who is the most incessantly annoying friend or family member you know on Shitter. Feel free to shame them in the comments below.

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Author: Fort Nag

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