April Fools 2.0: Even MORE Ridiculous Tabloid Headlines You Will NEVER Believe!

Cameron, Blagojevich, & Clinton Crime Family to Forge New Career Pathways on ‘Celebrity Corruption Island.’
French Democracy Doomed: Tony Blair ‘Helpfully Advises’ French not to Stage a National Front Coup Against Macron
California Colleges Ban Ice Cream Vans for Triggering Lactose Intolerant Community
North Korean Translation of Libertarian Classic ‘Atlas Shrugged’ is Really Rather More Revisionist than You Might ah Funked it!
David Cameron Gets His Pound of Flesh: Takes Up New Role, Serving as Freelance Pig-Fancier
UK’s PREVENT Programme Targets Dangerous Anti-British Extremists on Twitter… Owen Jones, Jeremy Corbyn, and Dennis Skinner Under Special Monitoring
Jess Phillips Stabs Jeremy Corbyn in the Front! Like, LITERALLY, duuuuuuuuuude! Phillips Outraged at Subsequent Wildly Disproportionate Twitter Harassment
Moderate Khameine-ite Ayatollah Legitimizes Reverse Chickengirl Position for Some Edgier Farmyard Fun
Alex Jones Joins Washington Post, Furnishes Numerous Useful Insights on Russian Hacking Allegations
Angry Keith Olbermann Warns: Donald Trump’s Belligerent Twitter Rants are Scarily Reminiscent of a Fraudulent Parody Account
Darling of GOP Republican Right Rick Santorum Denounces Donald Trump for ‘Unconscionable Bigotry and Horrendously Divisive Behavior.’
Oh, and last but not least-lie-infuriating…
Blair Pronounces: ‘Yes, 2017 Has Been Pretty Harrowing. But Look on the Bright Side: At Least I’m Still Around!”

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