Liberty Snippets #2

#1 Washington’s ‘Crimes for Humanity’

One day, the truth must be widely accepted: the Balkans war was a very vicious, brutal, bloody war where all sides committed atrocities.

That day has yet to come.

Those who claim there was a ‘Serbian genocide,’ i.e. that the Serbs were ‘worse’ than the Croats or Albanians (whatever the hell ‘worse’ is supposed to mean) are analogous to far right Holocaust denialists.

Far Right historical negationism and Far Center historical negationism: beware of the ‘little Irvings’ among the centrist establishment.

They seem to believe historical truth is an ‘arbitrary construct.’

Social constructionism and postmodernism are, of course, strongly analogous to fascism. Various scholars have argued for their mutual complicity; such as Richard Wolin, in ‘The Seduction of Unreason.’

And as Mussolini proudly proclaimed his ‘relativist’ credentials, so also do his postmodern successors assert that everything is up for grabs.

Not content with ‘bourgeois’ skepticism, these arrogant ‘polylogists’ claim that reason is not universal, but particular in scope.

Like Nazi Nordic science and Soviet Diamat, Social Justice Nihilists believe that there is a higher reason (theirs) and a lower reason (everyone else’s).

It is very interesting to see the ‘liberalism,’ or rather ‘post-liberalism,’ of postmodernism and rootless globalist-humanitarian capitalism, join hands with neoconservative nationalism and ethnocentrism.

The Balkans conflict serves as a crucial index of the mutual complicity of the twain:

Firstly, self-seeking cupidity, racist belligerence, nationalistic avarice and brutality.

Secondly, high minded humanitarian idealism and ‘world order’ thinking.

Humanitarian and globalistic universalism is a form of concealed ethnocentrism and racism.

In turn, explicit nationalistic and racist concerns serve ‘the Good of Humanity.’

It is time to stop sanctimoniously moralizing about ‘Crimes Against Humanity.’

When will there be any kind of remotely serious payback for ‘Crimes For Humanity?’

#2 Down the Rabbithole

This is a world where Julian Assange is a traitor

And John Mccain is a hero

Nicolas Sarkozy is a patriot

And Chelsea Manning is disloyal.

#3 It’s not Right to be For OR Against Differences

If Nimrod and Nebuchadnezzar symbolised a crushing conformism that is rightly feared, the neo-pagans of today, with their uncritical ‘celebration of diversity,’ are no panacea.

I argue that Christianity, properly understood, is neither the path neither of those who sought after strange flesh, nor of those who build the tower of Babel. The point is not to find a cynical and mediocre middle ground, but to go beyond the false dilemma entirely, and to engage with the mystery of the Incarnation.

For if Nimrod was the first Globalist, Cain was the first reactionary populist.

Like father, like son; strife between kin is the best evidence of their kinship.

#4 Virtue Cannot Bow the Knee to Spooks

Virtue is a thing that has no master, and thus is free; so everything that is free will be united with virtue.

These words of St Gregory of Nyssa bridge the ancient Church Fathers with Max Stirner; or as Karl Marx wryly names him, ‘Saint Max.’

True virtue is to pay no heed, and pledge no allegiance, to any Spook; any nation, race, species or Kosmos.

Can virtue brook a rival?

No, she is a jealous goddess, and a muse whose vengeance sleepeth not…

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