Max Polyakov Talks About Economics which are Based on Knowledge

Due to the continuing process of transformation in society and the economy, the definition of the Economics of Knowledge has become very popular. The new economic model attracted the attention of innovative communities in both the scientific and socio-political directions. Burning problems like increasing poverty, corruption, the lack of economic opportunity and unemployment got their chance to be solved with the help of the new approach.

Dr. Max Polyakov is an innovative enthusiast and science admirer. He has a doctorate in International Economics with a key thesis in information technology development in the global economy. One of the main ideas of his work is that the driving force of technical and innovative progress must be a science-based approach and intellectual activity.

The problem is that there is no strict concept about the impact and key role of science in economic development. Max Polyakov has focused all his activity on building a relevant future with the help of economic knowledge and innovative changes. He is sure that by implementing recent trends and scientific developments in both management and manufacturing will open new horizons for domestic producers and elevate countries to the international level.

While forming his vision on economic issues the managing partner of Noosphere Ventures conducted a thorough analysis of dozens of studies of domestic and foreign scientists. The innovators who have influenced Max Polyakov with their scientific works are M. Chensova, D. and O Lukyanenko, Joel Mokyr, R. Delbridge, etc.

Despite the relevance of the problems mentioned, Max Polyakov outlined his own vision on the process to solve issues and offered new laws of economics. He lifts knowledge to the level of a key productivity tool and offers to implement innovative technologies in each of the existing social processes. Dr. Polyakov determined that human beings, with their passion for a better life, as a driving force for rapid progress.

He also identified the next important steps for the formation of the knowledge economy in countries:

  • the establishment an innovative ecosystem
  • the formation of a favorable investment climate
  • improving the quality of education
  • government support of innovative initiatives
  • updating the legal framework to facilitate business

Dr. Max Polyakov believes, that using these main aspects and postulates of the Economics of Knowledge should be a necessary to build a strong and healthy economy of the country.

According to Max Polyakov, the knowledge economy is an essential tool to succeed in the most important economic spheres, like the production and distribution of wealth. The development and implementation of the Knowledge Economy are necessary measures for economy evolution in a modern society.

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Author: Dexter Sinistri

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