What If The Governments of the World Were Run Like Game Shows? (2/2)



Contestants will don the uniform of their countries secret police to torment detainees, both legitimate and innocent, for information.

The players will be judged on both the quality of the information acquired and the inventiveness of the techniques used to get that information.





This would have been a hit in the U.S. and Russia during the Cold War ‘James Bond’ years.

Double agents and informants try to outdo each other with information both sound and false over their host country.

Contestants are all allowed to use hidden cameras and microphones, proffered secret files, incriminating paperwork and kidnapped victims to achieve their ends.

Grand prize goes to whoever can bring the infected foreign government down first.




A popular game in all socialist countries.

Players are challenged to invent misfortunes, ailments, and needs; and by spinning the wheel, they create new governmental bureaucracies to deal with them.

The game continues until the country goes bankrupt and the government collapses.




Come up with inane governmental policies to run things, then roar with laughter as they go awry.

Come up with dumb undertakings such as paying out farm subsidies so that farmers don’t overproduce, five year plans that actually set things back five years and starting wars that will still be sapping the economy ten years from now.

Zimbabwe contributed the idea for the series (and demonstrated it).




Entrants try to find their way through a maze of rules and regulations covering every facet of their lives right down to tying their shoe laces.

Exits are blocked by red tape, governmental goons and dead ends.

The first who successfully escapes becomes the government official responsible for keeping the maze going.

Later runners must add to the maze’s complexity.

Those who do not escape must remain therein and help with upkeep.





A longtime U.S. favorite. Create new government agencies and keep their identity a mystery by using only their acronyms to identify them.

Past winners include BOOBIE (Bureau for Old Bureaucrats Investigative Entity), the SSSSS (Secret Service Surplus Slush Salaries), SPOOOKS (Spy Perpetrators On Our Own Kindergartens) and DOPIEE (Deps Organized for Preying on Intellectuals and Everyone Else).

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