What If The Governments of the World Were Run Like Game Shows? (1/2)

In many countries of the world the government is the sole producer of all television broadcasting.

They decide what will be aired, what will be written, who will star in what and who will be shot for making the wrong joke.

What if they just went a step further and ran the governments just like they were game shows (aren’t they anyway?)
Maybe the results would be something like this:




A favorite show in African, Middle Eastern, and South American dictatorships. Contestants fight each other to become the despot of their country for one day.

Anything goes when players use coup d’├ętat, spying, assassination attempts, suicide bombings, sniper attacks, and car blowups to eliminate each other.

Real excitement continues the next day when the new contestants must oust the winner from the previous day. “It’s like a political version of ‘Survivor,'” says avid fan Jean-Bertrand Aristide.





The game that brought Donald Trump to the top of his game.

Government officials vie for who can best direct the public’s attention away from their domestic problems by throwing blame for the country’s ills on other countries or on targets within its own realms.

Judges look for creative scapegoating and clever initiation of what action will be taken against the alleged blamees.

Last year’s grand prize – Obama getting the blame for everything from terrorism to hemorrhoids.




A big one in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and northern Nigeria. The adulteress of the week is strapped to a spinning wheel divided into sections indicating prizes Contestants each get five stones and try to tally up points. Extra points given for smacking vital organs.





How many social services programs can you stack up before the economy collapses? Each group of contestants starts out with a military and an education budget; then adds on such burdens as a welfare system, subsidized housing, research grants, foreign aid, medical programs and old age pensions. Difficulties are added by constant harassment from special interest political groups.





A big hit in Rwanda, Syria, Russia; and would be a top program in ISIS held areas if they allowed TV. Governments search for whipping boys amongst the populace. Minorities, gays, ethnic and religious groups, non-conformists, are all targeted out for persecution by government watchdogs and paramilitary groups. Teams will compete to see who can purge their land of a specific group first.

Find out more tomorrow!

Author: rfreed

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