Buddhism May be the Religion of Peace… But Hitch Was Having None of it

Hitchens once said these very striking words:

Far from his holier-than-all image, the Dalai Lama supports such questionable causes as India’s nuclear testing, sex with prostitutes and accepting donations from a Japanese terrorist cult.


Oh dear. Somebody tell Hollywood. What a horrific hate crime.

Old Chris is insulting the religion of peace. Next thing people will be calling the 5th Dalai Lama a ‘bigot’ for commanding the skulls of his enemies to become ‘like eggs smashing against a rock.’We need to introduce stronger hate speech laws to prevent privileged bigots like this man from spreading his arrogant, unenlightened Buddhismophobia. This is an utter crime against humanity.

Why can’t we all just be tolerant, and realise ideological diversity is our greatest strength, especially when it comes from books written by edgy medieval stoners who knew far more about the good of humanity than ignorant intolerant bigots like Mr Hitchens!

Salon should be a safe space. There should be a law against this stuff!

We need to start lobbying the government so that ‘freedom of speech’ can be balanced with accountability, and we can balance so-called ‘individual rights’ with the inalienable rights and interests of society.

Hate speech is not freedom of speech!

No true liberal would ever, EVER say this kind of hateful, intolerant, authoritarian garbage deserves a platform.

Why don’t we just jail everyone who disagrees with me!

WE CAN’T JUST SIT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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