Theresa May to Rename Conservative Party ‘National-Socialist Party’

After her recent ‘success’ with the notorious Snooper’s Charter, Theresa ‘Jihadi Tess’ May is now planning to conduct yet another Cameroneque image change for her right-wing party, the Conservatives.

One anonymous source close to the eagle’s mouth tells me:

You ever notice? It’s so simple, I’m surprised you filthy pleb scum haven’t worked it out by now.

Theresa May is an authoritarian warmonger who rails (in a largely unconvincing and tokenistic manner) against entrenched economic privilege. Kind of like socialism-lite, but a lot more nationalistic and less rigorously economic progressive than many socialists.

Now, I do wonder if we could come with a name for that? How about National Socialism? I think that would probably get the measure of her.

Still, no need to worry, old chap. All you need to do is keep your head down and stay out of trouble.

Well unless, needless to say, the poofs, the trannies, the Jews, the Muzzies, the spackers, the dykes, the unions, the this, the that, the this, the that…

I went to ask former not so strong leader Dave ‘Gaveston Dave’ Cameron for a comment but he was too busy stuffing his pig, uh, stuffing his face with pig in an elite establishment in Oxford.

Good times comin’.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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