Three Women Discuss Horrific Experiences at the Hands of Roosh V (2/2)

Mitsuko told me:

Roosh approached me when I was standing outside a club. He said: ‘Listen… um, don’t be offended, but you Harujuku bitches look… uh… really, really… uh, hot. Em, yeah! I mean, uh, kind of… uh no, I mean for real! No shit!… Uh. Oh well. This isn’t really what I…. yeah well anyways! Gotta dash!’

I asked him ‘Is this how you talk to women in your own country?’

All of a sudden, he just snaps and screams:


I said, ‘I am not offended, I just think you are really weird and creepy.’

At this, he said, ‘WAAAHHH! You LITERALLY just don’t understand! I’m actually a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY nice guy!’

I wave him away. ‘So what? Is there something supposed to follow from that? You’re a really, really nice asshole little Roosh boy. And? So? What the hell is it that I am supposed to infer from this?’

Immediately Roosh wails: ‘Shut the hell up and check your privilege, bitch! I have a really, REALLY big dick, and Ima shakin’ dat thing really real-REAL hard right now for all dem foreign bitches ‘n’ shit like that!’

At this, a police man ushered a tearful Roosh away. The last plaintive scream I heard was:

‘You could at least have got the other one to manhandle me! I don’t like being touched! Only laaaaaadies are allowed to touch me on my special spot! GIVE ME MY COMFORT PANTIESSSSSSSSSS!


Well, I do hope you enjoyed reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them, Rooshie baby. The old saying remains true today: God loves a trier! 😉 XX



Author: Wallace Runnymede

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