Three Women Discuss Horrific Experiences at the Hands of Roosh V (1/2)

Vaguely-non-SWP rape apologist and notable PUA wannabe Roosh V has been trying to make a name for himself in the UK recently…

Albeit with not one whit more success than the solemn-jawed, soberly Stalinistic, mournfully dick-waving Trotksyite fanatics of ‘Real Socialism.’

But what do women think about Roosh V? Here, three women tell us about Roosh’s drunken nightclub antics, in order to shine a light on the Manosphere’s sexiest thwarted frat boy lookalike.

Or is it dick-alike?

Anyway, here’s Astrid first.

The first time I encountered Roosh, was when I was bathing near a hot spring. He grinned nervously and coyly scratched his arse, as though he was contemplating a dashing smash-and-grab-MRA-viking raid upon the luscious Nordic maidenhead of his fairest Aurora-Borealic childhood dreams.

‘Won’t you come closer?’ I softly smirked, for I already had the measure of this dashing, tall, firm-peckered, handsome tourist of fortune from across the seas of frozen ice and cold contempt.

‘Mmm. Mmm-hm! Uh, oof! Well, yeah. Um, um, sorry. Just looking. Er, ‘admiring the scenery.’ Hm! Uh, sorry, I need to go back to my hotel and uh… polish some clothes ‘n’ shit, I mean tidy my, er, stuff, and that.’

‘Oh, really?’ I teased him. ‘Is that all?’

Roosh grinned sheepishly and faintly nodded, trudging in the direction of some beat-up motel somewhere or other. As the bottom hems of those ragged jeans slurped across the snowy desolation, my glare of cold contempt and barely concealed amusement dogged his every step, until he vanished into the meaningless horizon.

Valentina told me:

When we are in the club, this Roosh boy, he comes up to me and you know, this Roosh boy, he is trying to grab my ass!

So I tell him, ‘Ma vaffanculo, cazzo! What you are doing, you ugly little asshole? Why you are such a crazy little jerk?’

And this stupid boy, he starts crying and says: ‘Sorry if you were offended!’ ;(

And I laugh in the face, I laugh to this silly man-child and I am telling him, ‘This silly little Roooosh boy, he is far aware from the home, and he even doesn’t know how to behave with the Italian girls! Maybe he is out of the depth. Just go home to your mama, there is nothing for you here!’

At this, the stupid, yes the stupid little Roosh boy face of this man, it crumples up soooo much, into the shrunken tomato! And I keep on dancing, and my friends, we keep on dancing, and flirting, and you know, we are all laughing, and we are pointing at him and saying to each other, ‘What kind of looooser asshole he is? He never kisses a girl in his life! He does not belong to this bar with us! What a patheeeetic little jerk!’

More to come next time!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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