The Fastidious Liberators: Open Letter From the Dead (1/2)

We are the dead.

But we still speak.

And condemn.

And we speak and condemn regarding the report on US government’s (or if you prefer, “International Community’s”) footshuffling regarding the torture of the enemies du jour (you know, brown, Muslim, Middle-Eastern, whatever)…

Well, the House Shrewdness Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers proclaims:

“They don’t have to be accurate or right. They just have to believe it’s true and they will take advantage of that,” Rogers said. “We know that ISIL propaganda operations will — this is the motherload for them.”


“They don’t have to be accurate or right.” So all of a sudden, the truth is not the primary consideration.

Just when everybody thought you guys were sticklers for the truth.

Like every other government in the world. What’s brought this on, all of a sudden?

And now many of you are starting, for the first time (not to say first slick media opportunities) in your lives, to speculate about what any potential long-term consequences (as you see it) of your actions may or may not be.

I guess that’s another first.

So, the Partisans of the Universal Interest (= Beltway Power Wonk Interest, not the interests of actual US citizens) are finally thinking in a long-term way, and not from a short-sighted, sleazy Realpolitik perspective.

“You have foreign leaders saying this report in its current form will incite violence,” he said. “You have liaison partners in the intelligence community saying this will incite violence. This will in fact incite violence and it’s likely to cost someone their life.”

OK, so an unspecified number of unnamed and quite possibly (or probably?) non-existent “foreign leaders” are backing up their Beltway patrons.

Not so mention liaison partners. (Hah! Which militaristic US president does that remind you of?)

Oh, wait; you mean that kind of liaison. Sorry, Jumbo. And sorry to Jumbo’s Jumbo.

Well still, I’d better take a deep pause to suck in some breath.

No, not chlorine; you can save that for all those evil foreign kids who are maliciously provoking all, like 13 or so members of the International community…

Yeah, we’re talking individuals, not countries. I/we assume you’re still not on all that old metaphysical “national interest” stuff?

Oh and your “independent consultants” in the “intelligence community” are serving as your wingmen. That’s real sweet, isn’t it? It must be a real tough task.

Oh, wait! We don’t actually know who these individual pillars of The Cosmic Community are either.

Well hey, surely you’re not gonna tell me these “intelligence” guys don’t exist?

Well, yeah… my bad. Silly question. I guess that’s exactly what you’re not going to tell me.

But then not a few of you guys are a bit sparing with the truth, aren’t you?

Or is it “the facts?”

I really can’t tell the difference.

I mean, I have this terrible moral disease and impediment where I can no longer distinguish the facts and the truth.

Well, maybe there’s a cure for this?

Hm, perhaps. I’m guessing a huge state bribe stipend is a start.

After all, as the saying runs:

“A neocon is a Trotskyite who has been mugged by the prospect of a huge state salary.”

Applies to liberal interventionists too, of course.


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