The Fastidious Liberators: Open Letter From the Dead (2/2)

Last time:

“A neocon is a Trotskyite who has been mugged by the prospect of a huge state salary.”

To proceed further:

The same is true of liberal interventionists, of course.

I mean, the only real difference between neocons and liberal interventionists is that a necon wants to stone gay people, while a liberal interventionist wants to bomb people who stone gay people.

Other than that, it’s la misma mierda con distinto olor.

Oh shit! I just quoted in Spanish! You politicians don’t really like Hispanic/Latino people do you?

Well, I guess you prefer them to Arabs.

Or Muslims.

Am I going too far by asking if you actually know the difference between Arabs and Muslims?

That’s probably asking too much.

Hell, do you even know the difference between Hispanic/Latino people and Arabs?

Oh by the way, please don’t worry. A lot of Hispanic/Latino people are NOT Muslims.

If that helps you sleep any easier at night.

Well, perhaps it’s a bit late to be talking about sleeping easy.

I mean, when you go to bed and your soul travels afar, maybe the screams of we people you folks have tortured, killed or sanctioned starved will visit you in your uneasy dreams.

And maybe, millions of years from now, in the world to come, the screams of all of us will mingle with the shouts, roars and tears of Afghan orphans, of raped Chicano women, of black women crying for their innocent sons and daughters, the sighs of disenfranchised Native Americans, and the plaintive pleas of American infants dying without healthcare and food.



Did you hear the last one?

Yes, I said “Americans.”

And among us, the innocent dead, there are not a few.

Yes. Americans deprived of basic living necessities; because corporate welfare is more important than all the other, you know, fake kinds of welfare, right?

And because, you know, this thing about appealing to deities in order to mistreat and oppress others. When I/we have seen that you folks on TV, it always seems you have a problem with that one.

Make of that what you will.

Well, I’m not going to judge you. If moral judgment is for anyone, it is for those still with the basic framework of decency. You militarists are not even on the fringes.

Ask your God to forgive you.

Well hey, I mean, your will seems to align pretty slickly with his. You pray to your God:

“My will be done, and may yours be done in Heaven, as I accomplish it on Earth.”

This is a tendency you share with your best frenemies; those people you claim to despise, but are merely the inverted image of your own self-seeking hypocrisy.

I despise both.

We all know who your God is.

Well, now…

Sweet dreams, lover of freedom.

Lover of your own freedom.

But not of the freedom of real, concrete individuals.

Dare I say “hombres de carne y hueso,” or is that a bit UnAmerican?

Yes, in one sense, you people actually are correct about your agenda. You really ARE giving all your effort, emotional energies, and talent for The Greater Good.

But unfortunately, as is hardly surprising, this Greater Good you propagate is not good for anyone but you.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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