Aretha Franklin Chills Satireverse

Damn. Those are some big mammies. We’re talking motor yacht and a snorkel.

[SOURCE 1] and [SOURCE 2].

Some people just can’t take a joke…

I don’t get this one. If anyone should feel slighted it’s LaBelle, who the article states was arrested. Franklin is going to have a tough time proving damages.

But it makes no difference, NewsNerd will have to retain an attorney and fund the defense until they can get it dismissed. I doubt they have 10 mill or a media insurance policy. I’m thinking 20-30 grand to make it go away. Maybe they’ll just declare BK.

NN looks relatively new. Anyone know who they are? They’re not polished so I’m guessing they might have kicked around the amateur sites for a while.

photo credit: J from the UK via photopin cc

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